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Monday, March 30, 2020

Quite the Revelation

There is a line to be drawn, and I’m not sure where it should be. The line is one of reason and response. Determining where we fall on each side of that line positions us as biblical extremists and worry warts or as watchful spiritual stewards as Jesus told us to be.

The line has crystalized some with the advance of the COVID-19 virus. In many minds, the reactions of governments to control the epidemic are eerily tampering with our freedoms. We are seeing in real time the impact of massive closures in the business world. Unemployment. Controlled living conditions. A new reliance on various governmental programs to sustain life. This could continue until we may owe these masters even life itself.

Take, for example, Italy. The virus has done its share of killing there. Hospitals and doctors are overwhelmed. As columnist Jonathan S. Tobin wrote, “Their prescription for coping with the crisis is utilitarian. Their conclusion is as shocking as it is obvious: ‘It may become necessary to establish an age limit for access to intensive care.’ Those who are too old to have a good chance of recovery or with few years left to live will be allowed to die.”

Life and death decisions on caring for people are the most serious to weigh. Or are they? What if all this leads to a long held desire by globalists to unite behind a more singular style of leadership?

What if this crisis changes the way we do financial transactions? As CNBC recently reported, “The coronavirus outbreak is prompting second thoughts about reaching for cash.” Makes sense. Think of all those germs that can be passed around on those bills. Merchants are even advising customers not to use cash.

The Wall Street Journal portends that a new currency could be coming. In a September 22nd, 2019, article it is said, “The future of money might be a digital version of the cash that’s already in people’s wallets—potentially upending the currency system that the world has known for many decades.” How long might it be before we have a new world monetary system?

Then there’s Bill Gates and his partners working toward ID2020. Directly from the website we read, “Identity is vital for political, economic, and social opportunity. But systems of identification are archaic, insecure and lack adequate privacy protection, and for over a billion people, inaccessible. Digital identity is being defined now—and we need to get it right.” Where in the spooky surveillance world does THAT take us?

Some believe the COVID-19 virus is the ticket to require a new kind of people watching. One article I read claims your mobile phone can already define whether you are cooperating with stay-at-home directives. Knowing where you are at any time allows the societal managers control to punish the violators.

As for businesses that don’t buy in to new directives, look out. Last Tuesday, the mayor of Los Angeles announced pending actions against nonessential businesses that don't close. He said,“This behavior is irresponsible and selfish.” If they remain open, the mayor warned “the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don't comply with the ‘safer at home ordinance.’”

Yes, a line is being drawn. People of faith find they must decide whether these are true signs of what are called, “the end times.” Jesus said to keep our eyes open. The book of Revelation lays out dark days are ahead with economic crises coming and the eventual call for a “one world government.”

Just stop. Look. And listen to all that is being said about the necessary controls and changes on our lives that are unprecedented. They would be easily rejected if they didn’t seem so…so reasonable.

COVID-19 has indeed produced many interesting revelations. I’m wondering if the virus is also leading us toward a world where people of faith land on one side or the other of the ultimate dividing line. Paranoids? Or astute end times observers.

That would be quite the revelation.

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