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Monday, February 19, 2018

Chaplain on Board

Almost exactly two years ago, Emma Green gave insight to the growing interest in workplace chaplains. Her article in The Atlantic was titled, “Why are More and More Companies Offering Access to Chaplains as an Employee Benefit?” Along with the real life examples of companies who have chosen to do this, Green provides some reality checks on a company moving forward in this direction.

As Emma Green explains, getting a firm estimate on how many workplace chaplains are engaged is difficult. Many are privately owned and are small or medium-sized businesses. And as for the religious connections, “Protestant non-profits claim to be the largest provider of workplace-chaplaincy services in the U.S.”

But it’s not just a growing industry in this country. There are chaplaincy related initiatives to be found in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and even Hong Kong. I say “even Hong Kong” since we know that the Chinese are not always real favorable to religious groups or causes.

One of those smaller organizations based out of Greenville, South Carolina, is EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA (ECA). My friend Rick Ezell heads this up. As his website states: “ECA partners with businesses to improve productivity and profitability by providing care, coaching, and crisis management. The care occurs through onsite trained and compassionate Chaplains. The result is more productive employees, happier workplace, and healthier communities. Think of it as an Employee Assistance Program on steroids.”

Recently, Rick sent out ten reasons for having a Chaplaincy Assistance Program at your company. 

Here they are:
  1. Demonstrates appropriate and tangible employee care. 
  2. Completes your company’s wellness initiatives. 
  3. Speaks hope into people’s lives, in addition to providing help with daily struggles. 
  4. Establishes a resource before a crisis occurs. We are proactive rather than reactive. 
  5. Reduces “presenteeism,” where employees are physically at work but their hearts and minds are somewhere else. 
  6. Reduces employee turnover. 
  7. Reduces health and disability claims. 
  8. Prevents violence on the job.
  9. Improves workplace morale and the corporate culture. 
  10. Improves your bottom line.

Through trained Chaplains, EMPLOYEE CARE OF AMERICA offers support and encouragement for an organization’s most important asset, its employees.

Specifically, THE CHAPLAIN:
• contacts your employees on a regular basis through face-to-face, phone, and/or email communication.
• builds trust with your employees so when they are experiencing a tough time, they know where they can turn.
• keeps discussions confidential and offers a safe outlet.
• comforts those who are struggling.
• provides a listening ear during challenging times.
• speaks hope into people’s lives by providing help with employees’ daily problems.
• walks alongside the employee when a crisis occurs, such as a death, addiction, sickness, or family emergency, letting the employee know they are not alone.
• establishes a relationship before a crisis occurs.

If this resonates with you as something from which your company might benefit, check out Rick’s website for more information. Contact him at: or phone him at 864-770-3560.

Healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual employees can only lead to a better workplace.

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