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Monday, May 19, 2014

Whine Not Served Here

I am a blessed man. And lived to tell my story. I have a new job.

After being unexpectedly “unemployed” for almost six months, I rejoin the workforce this week. Not so for many others. Age comes with certain perils. Re-employment is one of them.

I should say upfront that I never considered myself “unemployed.” There was the blessing of severance pay. That gave me a window of time and removed a fair amount of pressure to find “the next thing.”

Even so, just about every day I was actively moving toward my “next assignment.” That is precisely how I phrased it consistently in my prayer life during this season. There were opportunities that surfaced right away that gave me a sense of hope for the future. I'm big on hope.

Let's be real, though. Many in our country find hope a difficult thing. I read an article shortly after my last radio job ended about how tough it is for some folks to get a job. It was not encouraging. One woman revealed she had been unemployed for two years after having held a well paying, management level job. I knew it could be a rocky road.

Yes, age WAS a factor. I'm 62. And for one who has built a career around being radio air talent, the doors were not swinging open many places. Especially when my focus for 20 plus years has been in radio formats prominently mentioning the “J” word. Jesus. As in Jesus of Nazareth. He’s loaded with controversy.

Paradoxically, that is precisely what gave me hope. Or rather, HE gave me hope. In my daily early morning communication with The Eternal One, I committed to trusting that there WAS a next assignment. I know that the God who created me cares for me. And I relied on the promises that assured me that He was aware of my circumstances and was working in ways I could not see. And He was.

I also realized that even if God did not respond in a way that I would prefer, I would choose to have faith in His care. Hope trusts like that. It relies on unseen activity. I decided to hold fast to the last verse of Psalm 138: “The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me. Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

My wife Rhonda recently passed along an article on “aging whine.” It attempts to send caution and employment related advice to those whose hair is turning gray. Or white. It raises some very appropriate issues.

Fortunately for me, Salem Communications valued my experience and my talent as assets. They have provided me an opportunity to build thousands of radio relationships in afternoon drive on AM 1160 WYLL in Chicago. It is my second “tour” with Salem, now a much larger and diverse organization. Diverse enough to hire a guy in his sixties. So I’m headed back to the microphone this week.

It’s a good fit. WYLL is a faith-driven radio station. I can mention the “J” word without fear. In fact, people talk about Him all day in their broadcasts!

They're even developing a new theme for the station: AM 1160. Hope for your life.

I’m an ambassador for that message. It’s right up my alley. Thank you, Salem.

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  1. Mark! I am so happy to hear that you will be back on the air!
    Thank you JESUS!
    Yesterday morning I told my husband how much I missed being edified every morning while getting ready for work. You inspired me, made me laugh and at times really got me thinking (self checking) about my walk with the Lord. My husband will be thrilled too and looking for you on the air on his commute home in the afternoon.

    What will be your air time?

    Congratulations on your new assignment!


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