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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mozilla Godzilla

We are just a few weeks away from terror coming to a movie screen near you. The release of Godzilla (is this version 3.0?) is due out in May 2014. It may well be a true “monster” of a movie.

Before this robotic nightmare arrives, a different attack has already struck from another kind of monster. That one is titled P-C — for “political correctness.” It hit hard at the head of a high tech company which has plenty of woes to work on besides removing their chief executive for having family values.

By now you must be aware of the story. Brendan Eich was in his early days as CEO Of Mozilla (developer of Firefox) when it was “discovered” that he had the audacity to give a personal contribution a while back to support the infamous California legislation known as “Prop 8.” This referendum, supporting marriage between a man and a woman, actually passed with majority vote in an election! And in the Golden State!

It should be no surprise to anyone that corporate executives everywhere, including Planet Silicon Valley, have been helping influence American politics for…well…FOR-EVER! Many support agendas that people have strong disagreements about. The difference is…these execs keep their jobs.

But not Eich. Here was a corporate leader in a company that prides itself with Monday “town hall” meetings where employees are encouraged to speak their minds on most anything. Imagine! But support one of the basic, fundamental building blocks of human society and you have crossed a line that can cost a job.

Sad. But VERY real.

We’ve learned the hard way over the years that societies pay a price when they restrict freedoms so basic as free thought and speech. Here’s the greater concern, though. What is next? What if Mr. Eich had dared make a private, personal donation to the CREATION MUSEUM? (Gasps heard around the nation!) Why he must be a…(fill in the blank). Or suppose he gave a dime to a non-global-warming environmental group? C’mon…he must a be a nut! Send in the Terminator!

But wait! Mozilla Godzilla has turned its face. It's now looking at…YOU!!!  And that, my friend, is the scariest part. What would you dare support in the coming days that might cost you a job? Better find a way to give anonymously if you know what’s good for you. 

Get ready. The days of darkness are here. Best buy a subscription to Political Correctness Daily so that you’re up to speed on the latest social trends.

Want to know what happens to bold men who live by their convictions? I heartily recommend reading the first several chapters of the book of Daniel in the Bible. It’s a burner of a page turner.

Do it quickly. Before The Good Book goes on the RESTRICTED list. And for goodness sake, don’t get caught reading it where you work! You could wind up moving from the corner office…to the lion’s den.

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