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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ready to venture out?

One of the greatest benefits of living in a free society is the opportunity to start a new enterprise. Whether it’s a for profit or not-for-profit venture, giving vision and thinking over possibilities can energize the soul. It’s part of the creative beauty given to us by God.

Not all ideas pan out, of course. And some shouldn’t. But if God plants in you a seed, and you have the passion, good things could happen.

Are you entrepreneurially minded? An article I’ve found on might be of immediate help. It’s titled, 23 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know.  Like all lists, one must ask … "Is that everything?" And the answer is, "No." But it’s a good list.

I can’t cover all 23, but here are a few of my favorites. Like … the most important decision you can make is "where do you want to spend your time?"  Time. The non-renewable asset. Lose it, it’s gone forever. Find the discipline to determine where your time has the greatest payoff.

Next: The best entrepreneurs don’t come up with great ideas. Okay. Wait for it … They solve market needs. Great ideas with no market value might be fun to dream up, but they have no life. Put your best energy into meeting real needs. 

Here’s another good one. You need to be able to turn every obstacle into an asset. What a difficult truth! Those who venture out in uncharted waters need to be prepared to be overcomers. Naysayers and unseen obstacles await you. THAT is guaranteed.

One more for the road: Here’s the only market research you need. Get your product out in the marketplace and see if it sells. My friend, there are many hours and dollars to be wasted in using research to find out if your ideas are valid. If you have buyers, you likely have something worth developing.

Earlier I stated that this was a good list for both for profit and nonprofit ventures. Ministry leaders of every stripe would be well served learning from a list like this one. Not everything applies, but business done right is about serving customers. And serving them well. We should never lose sight of that core mission principle: to serve others.

If God has gifted you with the desire, the vision, and the passion to start something new, I hope you take the next step. These two words from Genesis, Chapter 1, are powerful: God created. And you have been created in His image.  Use that creativity!

Starting a new venture often has so many challenges, it will drive you to your your knees. Which, by the way, is a reminder the Forbes article missed.  A wise entrepreneur will learn to pray every step of the way.

That’s the way WE work. For Moody Radio, I’m Mark Elfstrand.  

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