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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Pods Are Blooming

Given the choice, would you prefer to work outdoors ... or indoors? Chicago weather makes that question a bit more challenging. Hot, humid summers and sometimes bitterly cold winters can turn one indoors rather quickly.

But for those more moderate climates, the company known as Well Design is turning cubicle assignments on their head. They've developed a Workaway Outdoor Pod. It's a cut-out cubic design that can be placed in parks, plazas, and lots of other places.

With the pod comes a work surface and shade, built in seat, and it’s even equipped with WiFi. A smart phone app is used to reserve the “pod on the move.”

It's easy to see why some, who find their creative juices flow better in the open, would love the pod. Detail-oriented work likely might get better focus than in an inside cubicle. And who is going to gripe about working alongside a beautiful stream on a sunny summer day?

That being said, someone at a recent NeoCon exposition in Chicago asked the question, “Why can't developers make better use of premium outdoor space.” Well Design is apparently thinking in those directions.

In the article "The Coolest New Trend in Office Space", it was recommended that a company consider both pluses and minuses of such work zones. Concerns over places with four seasons should be obvious. Security is another issue. And, of course, will people actually LOSE focus enjoying nature scenes? That would be a third concern.

My dentist has a great compromise. He has his office in his home ... with patients' chairs looking out on tree lined property and fish swimming in the ponds in his covered indoor nature area. It doesn't replace Novocain, but it helps.

I've seen people put up nature posters to give them the outdoorsy feel. Lots of plants or flesh flowers may help the indoor blues. Relaxing, reflective music in headphones is a lot more common.  I've taken a walk or a drive during my lunch hour at some jobs. 

Wonder what your workspace will be like in heaven? Or are you thinking you won't be working in heaven? Paradise for Adam and Eve included daily work. And I think we can reasonably conclude they enjoyed their work and their workspace. 

I'm counting on there being work on the new earth when all is made new. And I think we have good reason to make work on this earth a lot more fun than it is. In a few of my not-so-heavenly jobs, coworkers and I have found unusual ways to make our jobs more enjoyable. Details available upon request.

Bottom line, the curse from man’s sin did not mean work has to be miserable. Just more difficult. 

I hope today you'll find a way to consider those marvelous lyrics Louis Armstrong sang years ago ... I see trees of green, skies of blue … and those roses. Truly, it's a wonderful world.

That's the way WE work. For Moody Radio, I'm Mark Elfstrand. 

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